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About Us

Worldwide fashion is and has always been a big deal. Whether your preference is basic casual or super intense flair, fly and flashy, fashion is one of mainstream's most coveted form of expression. With so many clothing lines in the world today there is one line that has burst on the scene with a vengeance and created an immensely popular buzz in just a few years. Introducing ATLWOOD® Gear, this is the fashion/apparel component of the stellar All Rights Reserved ATLWOOD® Trademark created by Founder and Owner Scotty Scott. You may have seen the hats and shirts floating around Atlanta, Georgia a time or two in the past few years since its inception. Atlanta is now affectionately called "The New Hollywood" or ATLWOOD®. This incredible city has made an amazing mark in the entertainment world through the Music Industry, Film Industry, Sports Industry, Gaming Industry and most recently the Fashion Industry. ATLWOOD® is also the home base headquarters of some of the world's largest Fortune 500 corporate business entities. Now through the creation of the new ATLWOOD® Gear online clothing store, people from around the globe can be apart of fashion history.
ATLWOOD® is "The New Promised Land"